Wednesday, October 10, 2012

good habit in bad habitat ~

Satu perkara yang saya noticed sejak saya mula bekerja, saya mempunyai hobi terbaru yang saya rasakan sangat membazir waktu kerana ia hanya berlaku pada hari-hari bekerja. Dimana saya akan bangun seawal mungkin (sesudah azan subuh yang pasti) untuk bersiap ke kerja yang memerlukan saya memandu sejauh 1 jam perjalanan (itu dulu) dan kini hanya 20 minit sahaja. Bila difikir balik kenapa ia terjadi?? Ini jawapan saya..

..perasaan malas untuk ke tempat kerja..

..tuntutan mata untuk berehat lebih lama..

..yakin akan sampai on time ke office..

termenung di toilet bowl sehingga bosan ~

  [unexpected] : berubah air muka dia, gusarku berubah hati ~

Monday, October 1, 2012

tale of 2 sisters ~

this is the tale of two sisters..about me and my beloved first best friend in my life..the one that always love, care and guide me..the one that i always beat and bite..the one that always lose when we fight physically but always win when we fight verbally..she's cool and calm when she talk but her words can kill you more!!

last night we have a long usual we talked about Mus'ab progression, parents and siblings, job and work load, my new life and soul-mate!!

Alhamdulillah Mus'ab grow healthy and happily..gain more number on scale and he is become heavier.. :)

Family members in the orange of health (i hate pink so i change it to orange) ..Thank you Allah for a wonderful time..Alhamdulillah

So far, so great..i love my job and the work load is not as tough as before..i love to be here and hope will stay more longer..haha

she is good in giving advice's..i hate her because she can makes me cry in only 2 second..

she : "did you cover your aurah accordingly, dear?"
me : " yes, i shouldn't worry because i'm good at that."
she : "did you bring your Quran?"
me : "yes i do. i've bring the small one with tajwid."
she : "great! did you recite it everyday?"
me : "oh Allah, i've recite it once a week."
she : "do yo know that the power of Quran? the feeling become closer to Allah? the taste of gift from Allah? Just ask more from Him, He loves to hear that and He will give it once you're ready enough to take that responsible..He is the Almighty."

Thank you Allah, for sending me a great sister..thank you for guiding me to Jannah you are my closest friend ever..i am waiting for a future husband to bring me to Jannah..

Dear, my closest friend
I'm writing because
I miss you so much
At night, I'd always cry

The stillness still reminds me of
When we first fell in love
And I miss that so much
Dear, my closest friend

Dear, my closest friend
I remember when
You asked me to stay
And I just walked away

I apologize
And then my letter sent
I lost that moment
I lost that moment

Seconds at a time
Seconds at a time
I wait for your answer
But I already know
Your hand was always mine

Your hand was always mine
Your hand was always mine

Dear, my closest friend
I'm writing because
I miss you so much