Wednesday, April 27, 2011

cupcakes ~

1st time baked a chocolate cupcakes with orange icing and chocolate rice..for sure i didnt try it because it's an family finished all the cupcakes even i knew it was bad occay..haha..enjoy my bad cupcakes..

2nd time, it was a vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing plus our name on it..haha..10 of us..i think it's better than the first time i made it..haha..

the 3rd one is a vanilla cupcakes with green and pink icing..and again it was bad..haha..but i gave two of them to ms.d, after we went out for dating..haha..but still emma said it's occay, you can try again..haha

and last two days i baked it again..when mama try the cake, and mama said, "yes, you've passed"..haha..alhamdulillah..i baked about 41 cupcakes with chocolate and pink icing plus chocolate and white rice..haha..i gave 4 cupcakes to ms.nora and mr.syafiq (today's birthday boy), 3 cupcakes to ms.adep, 9 cupcakes to ms.weng and her housemates, a cupcake to ms.shu my roomate and mrs.nou (thanks for a long journey..damn tired), another 4 cupcakes to Mr and Mrs. Along and the rest for my beloved family..haha

very simple cupcakes ~

this box should be yours, but...

"..when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, BE! and it is."

82, Surah Ya-sin
[unexpected] : give up ~

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